Fri, 09 Aug 2002

Being a leader not always nice

Legislator Nadjih Ahjad found out on Thursday that being a leader is not always nice.

While many people try to cling to power or their high-profile roles, this member of the Crescent Star Party (PBB) discovered that sometimes it is best to let go of an important position in exchange for peace of mind. He therefore voluntarily relinquished his duty of chairing a session of Commission A to commission chairman Jakob Tobing.

The decision was made on Thursday when Ahjad presided over a plenary meeting of Commission A for constitutional amendment.

Initially Ahjad accepted his role as chairman of the session, hoping this time the meeting would run smoothly.

During previous meetings, dozens of legislators disrupted the proceedings with interruptions.

Ahjad wrongly assumed there would be no more interruptions after negotiations among faction leaders.

"I was wrong. That is why this time I have to hand over this job to Pak Jakob," Ahjad said to the laughter of legislators.

His decision followed demands from 15 legislators that they be given time to state their views during the session. The commission was trying to finalize deliberations on the most recent batch of constitutional amendments. -- JP