Fri, 21 May 2010

Ambon (ANTARA News) - A Beijing investor is interested in running hotels in Maluku which has many interested tourist objects and destinations, and build a star-rated hotel in there.

He told the head of the Maluku investment coordination agency (BKPMD) Rahman Soumena here Thursday that the foreign investor planned to build a star-rated hotel in an area close to the Liang beach tourist site, Salahutu subdistrict (Ambon island), Central Maluku regency.

The prospective investor had visited Ambon last month along with the provincial administration group in a return visit of Maluku Governor to China on January 12, 2010.
Soumena said the Chinese businessman said he was keenly interested in investment in fisheries, agriculture and tourism in Maluku including the building of a star-rated hotel.

On June 6, 2010, the business group and Governor Henan will visit Maluku to the signing of an MoU with Gubernur Karel Albert Ralahalu.

Following the 2006 economic census, the hotels in Maluku totaled 138 consisting of 15 star-rated hotels and 123 ordinary hotels.

The average stay of foreign tourists at star-rated hotels in Maluku is 3.23 days, and local tourists only 2.29 days.

Hotel occupation of ordinary hotels reached less than 30 percent of the total number of hotel rooms available. (*)