Wed, 23 Jul 2003

Batam to supply water to Singapore

BATAM, Riau: The Batam Authority plans to build a 160- kilometer-long pipe from Kampar river in mainland Riau to the industrial island as part of its effort to supply water to neighboring Singapore.

Head of the water administration unit of the Batam Authority Frieddy Tanoto said on Tuesday that a six-month feasibility study was underway to assess the possibility of carrying water from the mainland to Batam island.

As yet, an average volume of 385 cubic meters of water flowed from Kampar river to the sea without being effectively utilized, he said.

Frieddy said the supply of water from the mainland would be more than enough to meet the demand of Batam island alone, and the surplus could be supplied to Singapore as a commodity.

The tiny city-state of Singapore is at the mercy of neighboring countries like Indonesia and Malaysia for its water supply. -- Antara