Mon, 22 Dec 2003

Batam to export water to Singapore

BATAM: The Batam administration is planning to export clean water to an industrial park in Singapore, an official said on Saturday.

The decision was taken following a recent request from the management of the industrial park, said Freddy Tanoto, head of the local Office of Waste and Water Management.

Freddy said the water would be taken from the Kampar River in Batam, which had a daily capacity of 16 cubic meters.

A team from the Office of Waste and Water Management were conducting a feasibility study over the plan, he said. According to initial findings by the team, the export plan would require a US$1 billion investment capital.

He said the industrial park was currently under construction, and the Batam government hoped it could immediately export the water once the industrial park was completed.

In order to meet demands for water, Singapore industries used to import water from neighboring country Malaysia. -- Antara