Tue, 10 Oct 2000

Basic needs not influenced

JAKARTA (JP): The price of most basic needs in the capital has shown a significant drop in the past seven days, burying many people's expectations of a possible hike in essential commodities following the recent 12-percent increase in the price of fuel.

Data from the City Economy Development Office disclosed on Monday that the price of basic needs, such as rice, meat, vegetables, kerosene and eggs, remained stable in the first week of this month after the introduction of the new fuel price on Oct. 1.

The city also found no significant problems in the delivery of the goods, it said.

The report from the city administration on basic commodities was similar to reports on most major markets in Jakarta and its surrounding area.

The market price of rice even dropped slightly, by less than one percent, compared to the price before Oct. 1, it said.

Prices of fresh meat and vegetables also dropped slightly. Vegetables, for instance, were down by some 8 percent thanks to the smooth distribution, the report said.

The price of fresh meat dropped by less than 0.5 percent and Jakartans have nothing to worry about in terms of its supply, the office stated in its report.

Price drops were also seen in the poultry market (1 percent) as well as a 4 percent drop in the price of eggs.

The price of sugar price was stable, it added.

The data also stated that kerosene prices had stabilized between Rp 500 and Rp 550 (six US cents) per liter.

Head of the office, Dameria Saragih, said the supply of basic needs in Jakarta was adequate to cover public demand.

The capital, for example, has a stock of at least 110,335 tons of rice available for public consumption. (dja)