Sat, 04 Jun 1994

Bapindo defense still in dark on specific charges

JAKARTA (JP): A leading lawyer representing one of the four former Bapindo directors said yesterday he was still puzzled about the charges against his client, although he is drawing nearer to comprehension.

Hotma Sitompul, the lawyer for Bambang Kuntjoro, told The Jakarta Post that the investigation by the Attorney General's office has so far failed to shed any light on what his client was allegedly involved with.

Bambang is under investigation along with three other former directors -- Sjahrizal, Subekti Ismaun and Towil Heryoto -- for allegedly conspiring with businessman Eddy Tansil to illegally obtain $448 million worth of loans from Bapindo between 1989 and 1993.

Attorney General Singgih early this week said that the four would be brought to trial within the month, following the current trials of Tansil and Maman Suparman, former deputy manager of Bapindo's Jakarta branch..

Hotma said Bambang was recruited into the Bapindo board of directors after the transactions with Tansil had begun and therefore had to go along with the other board members.

He added that while Bambang was a member of the board, "he had to obey the president director's decision."

Lawyers for the three former directors are also preparing their defenses, but none were available for comment yesterday.

Singgih said early this week that the trials of the four former directors have been delayed to give investigators more time. (05)