Fri, 22 Dec 2000

Banten to have governor soon

TANGERANG (JP): Acting Banten governor Hakamuddin Djamal said on Thursday that he was trying to complete his task in less than six months set by the central government, so as to allow a gubernatorial election to be held ahead of schedule.

He said that establishing a new provincial legislative council was his top priority, because the council would be responsible for electing a governor and provincial secretary.

In order to achieve this objective, he said that his office had formed a special board whose members represented the five regencies in the new province.

He said he had also instructed local regents and mayors to draw up an inventory of the West Java assets that would be transferred to Banten province.

Banten, rich in natural resources and tourist attractions, had been a regency of West Java province. It was declared a province only last month following the approval of all factions in the House of Representatives.

Hakamuddin believed that with its resources, Banten could net annual revenues of at least Rp 100 billion, especially from the fishing, plantation and tourism sectors.

"The problem is how local officials can attract foreign investors to invest their capital in the province," he added.

When ask about his chances of being elected the first governor, he said he would not run for the governorship and neither was he willing to be nominated for the post. (41/lup)