Wed, 31 Aug 1994

Banten bonsai in big demand

CILEGON, West Java: Bonsais, or dwarf plants, produced in Banten are much sought after by collectors from all corners of Indonesia, according to local collectors.

Ichwan Maza and Ivan, who presented their collection at an exhibition here, said one of the most widely desired plants is the Santigi, which is found only in Banten, the westernmost part of West Java.

The local chapter of the Association of Bonsai Lovers is holding an exhibition here as part of the ongoing Banten cultural festival, the Antara news agency said. The exhibition ends on Sept. 3.

More than 600 bonsais are being displayed.

Ichwan and Ivan said the Banten bonsais are widely sought after because they are considered to be less inexpensive than those sold in major cities. (emb)