Sat, 27 Jul 1996

Bank Bali's ATM

From Kompas

At around 5:30 a.m. on June 5, I went to Bank Bali's automatic teller machine (ATM) at Kopo Permai in Bandung, West Java to collect Rp 800,000.

It is not possible to collect that amount with one push of the button. The first push yielded Rp 400,000. The second one also produced the same amount of money but the 20 bills of Rp 20,000 got stuck in the collection box and after some time were swallowed by the machine.

My Bali Access card appeared together with a slip of paper mentioning the withdrawal of two times Rp 400,000. I went to look for the security guard but could not find anybody on duty. I did not use the hot line (021) 260 0888 because the monitor screen read "temporarily only in the Greater Jakarta area".

The same morning at 9 a.m. I reported the ATM failure to the bank. I was informed that the ATM network was controlled from Jakarta and I was advised to send a letter of complaint. The bank promised me, that if my complaint was well founded, the money would be directly credited to my account in three workdays' time.

On July 2, I returned to the bank and received a copy of the Card Maintenance (ATM) report dated Bandung, June 28. It said that the withdrawal was made. I was supposed to have received the money, while actually I lost Rp 400,000.

Because there were no witnesses, was my complaint considered an invention of my mind? If so, who got my money? Was it a bonus to the "smart" ATM who operates 24 hours a day or did the money go to the next customer?


Bali Access card holder