Wed, 24 Mar 1999

Bandungan Charter

Based on the ideal of all Indonesians, as declared by the Youth Pledge of 1928,

One motherland

One nation

One language,

are absolute conditions needed to achieve a unified nation with a just and prosperous society and strong and dynamic economy, so that it can control its involvement in international affairs as part of the era's call.

Along with this, we state our commitment that the only way to manifest the ideal is through a process of assimilation.

This means the process of unifying diverse groups which have different attitudes, customs and cultures into a harmonious and meaningful sociological bond within Indonesia.

Having this social process implemented by all Indonesian citizens and all elements will accelerate the achievement of the ideal.

In the context of Indonesian's of Chinese descent, assimilation means the entrance to and acceptance of Chinese- Indonesians into the single body of Indonesia, so that there will be no separate group with separate characteristics.

The legal process for requesting or granting citizenship with the spirit of the Youth Pledge principally contains essential conditions for those who request or those who grant it.

Those who are granted Indonesian citizenship, as a consequence, have the responsibility to devote themselves to the Indonesian nation with all their hearts.

Having decided to unify with the Indonesian people as true and patriotic Indonesians, they should oppose and eliminate all contradictory attitudes and actions opposing the unification process.

Another responsibility is to abandon the attitude of a separate Chinese identity and work against the preservation of the Chinese as an exclusive group.

The people of the Republic of Indonesia who grant the citizenship rights have the responsibility to welcome the assimilation process by publicly encouraging the process.

Indonesian citizens should accept this with open hearts and support the assimilation process.

This assimilation declaration is designed and issued through the National Awareness seminar in Bandungan, Central Java, held from Jan. 13 until Jan. 15, 1961.

Signatories 1. Be Tiong Lee 2. Bwa Tjoen Liong 3. Djokosamadio 4. Goh Tjing Hok 5. Jap Thiam Jong 6. Mr. A.R. khouw 7. Kwik Hway Gwan 8. Drs. Lauchuantho 9. Nona Mr. Dora Lie Bo Tan Widjajakusuma 10. Liem Keng Wien 11. Liem Khian An 12. Liem Tjien Siang 13. Nyonya Mr. Lo Khing Djie 14. Liem Tjoen Ho 15. Mr. Oe Siang Djie 16. Oei Hok Djie 17. Oei Tjhing Hong 18. Drs. Oei Tjin San 19. Ong An Kok 20. Ong Hok Ham 21. J. Ong Tjien Liong 22. Mich. Slamat 23. Drs. R.M.A. Suryaningrat 24. D. Sutjiadi 25. Tan Pik Kwie 26. The Han Lim 27. Tjoa Tjie Liang 28. Mr. Tjoa Soe Tien 29. Tio Hian Sioe 30. F. Wignjosumarsono