Mon, 17 Sep 2001

Bandung to host Physics Olympiad

BANDUNG: The West Java capital of Bandung is scheduled to host the 33rd International Physics Olympiad in 2002, after Singapore declined to do so, an organizer said.

Satria Bijaksana, deputy head of the event, said here on Sunday that the Indonesian government received the offer after Singapore said that it was not ready to host the event.

"The calm and laid-back ambience of Bandung may have been one of the considerations in its choice as the host city for the 33rd Physics Olympiad," said Satria.

He said that if Indonesia turned down the offer, its next chance would not come around until after 2019 as the Physics Olympiad Committee had already decided on the hosts from 2003 until 2018.

Last year's event, hosted by Turkey, was attended by participants from 68 countries. About 70 countries were expected to send representatives to the next event in Bandung to be held from July 14 to 23, 2002.

"We have informed the participating countries about the event," Satria said, adding that the official invitations would be sent out in October.

Each country could send up to five contestants, said Satria. (25/02)