Fri, 29 Sep 2000

Bandung theater to stage Moliere's play

JAKARTA (JP): One of Indonesia's modern theater groups, Studiklub Teater Bandung, will bring Moliere's play Tabib Gadungan (Fake Medicine Man) to the stage at Taman Ismail Marzuki arts center in Cikini, Central Jakarta on Oct. 5.

Highlighting the social situation, Studiklub Teater Bandung (STB) will stage this French play, which was originally titled Le Medecin Malgre Lui, under the invitation of the French Cultural Center (CCF) here.

This play, although simple, will be full of sharp social criticism with a touch of comedy and will display people's foolishness, greediness and jealousy. During the play, all the characters will wear masks.

The play tells of a wife wanting to avenge her husband, who often beats her. She then comes up with a plan, spreading news that her husband is a famous medicine man who can cure any diseases through one act, beating his behind. In reality, her husband is a fake medicine man.

For the play, director Suyatna Anirun will adapt Moliere's script to a Sundanese setting. A veteran of adaptation, Suyatna had staged Badak-Badak (The Rhinoceroses of Ionesco) and Moliere's Akal Bulus Scapin (The Cheats of Scapin).

Suyatna said the group had performed the play several times.

In March, the play was staged in Bandung and in Jakarta at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta. (Aendra H. Medita)