Thu, 23 Sep 2010

Denpasar (ANTARA News) - Bali`s tuna production had been increasing despite bad weather, head of export division of the Bali Trade and Industry Agency Putu Bagiada said here on Wednesday.

He said Bali`s tuna exports in the January-July 2010 period reached US$53.7 million, a six percent increase compared to the same period of last year`s 50.6 million dollars.

Tuna production both fresh and canned contributed 16.7 percent of Bali`s revenue from handicraft and non-oil exports reaching 320 million dollars this year.

This made tuna production the second biggest contributor to Bali`s revenue after textile and textile products with 73 million dollars.

However, tuna exports to the United States and Japan in the January-July 2010 period dropped 12,076 tons from last year`s 12,122 tons.

Bali enjoyed a strong growth of exports in the first semester this year with a value of 320 million dollars, an increase of 21 percent compared that in the same period of last year.

"Handicraft products from our light industry are still strongly sought after in the export market," said Putu referring to the substantial growth in exports of Bali`s light industries thanks to improved economic climate in Europe and the U.S.

Exports of various kinds of handicraft items in the January-July 2010 period, he added, reached 139 million dollars, an increase of 26 percent from the 110 million dollars during the same period of last year.

The positive tendency in the first semester of 2010 also occurred in the export of garments, canned fish and plastic goods reaching 112.5 million dollars, a 25 percent hike compared to the 89.8 million dollars during the January-July 2009 period.

Exports of agricultural products, especially vanilla and the renowned Balinese coffee, reached 592,600 dollars, an increase of 24,2 percent compared to 447,000 U.S. dollars.

Bali`s exports were are expected to grow further in the second semester in view of the positive economic situation in world major export markets, Bagiada said.