Mon, 18 Oct 2010

Denpasar, Bali (ANTARA News) - Bali`s exports of different commodities to 83 countries are expected to remain competitive on the global market, head of the Bali provincial industry and trade office Gede Darmaja said here Saturday.

"Bali`s export commodities are unique and attractive making them most demanded by foreign consumers, and they (the commodities) are not produced in other countries," Darmaja said.

Darmaja said 80 percent of Bali`s export products are those made by small-scale industries including household utensils which are produced by people in rural areas in the province.

Thus, he said, Bali does not worry about competition in the global market as the province continues to produce hand-made products like artistic statues and handicraft products.

Bali`s export value in the January-August period this year amounted to US$358.37 million or increased 15.35 percent compared to that of the same period in the previous year.

The province has set a target of earning US$515.8 million in foreign exchange in 2010, said Darmaja who was optimistic that the target could be met.

He pointed out that products made by the small-scale industries including household utensils in the province are growing well and the sector has employed 226,420 people this year compared to 220,973 last year.

The small-scale industries in the province this year have invested Rp1.45 trillion, he said, adding that the effort to develop the industries still need more capital and better quality including designs.

In a bid to meet the need, the provincial administration has made various endeavors like promoting handicraft products, organizing training programs, holding exhibitions and providing credits without collateral to small-scale industries, he said. (*)