Wed, 24 Feb 2010

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:Vincent Jemadu, the Culture and Tourism Ministry Development Director, has said that Bali is still the main tourism destination in every international market.

“Almost every market in the world always put Bali as the tourist destination in Indonesia,” said Vincent at his office yesterday.

According to Vincent, there are two things that make Bali a favorite.

First, Bali is already known since a long time ago for its beauty.

“People know Bali more than Indonesia,” he said.

The second factor is that industry players are starting to innovate.

They understand the trend that tourist do not only visit one destination.

“They sell travel packages for several destinations at once,”

On tourism industry development, Vincent said that Indonesia’s tourism industry’s weakness is the tour packages’ arranging and planning .

“The system is not as professional as established agents in Europe,” he said.

According to Vincent, the main obstacle of Indonesia’s agents tour packages planning is capital to make planning far in advance.

“European travel agents plan well organized tour packages plan months in advance.”

Vincent added that there were only a few big travel agencies which are able to make well organized plans.