Mon, 14 Feb 2000

Bali money changers take heat

JAKARTA (JP): The Association of Money Changers (APVA) in Bali said it has received constant complaints from foreign tourists regarding the activities of unauthorized money changers.

Chairman of APVA in Bali Tenterem Wisnawa said over the weekend that many foreign tourists were complaining they were deceived while exchanging their foreign currencies at local money changers.

"Fraud activities like this can harm Bali's image," Tenterem told Antara.

He said it was difficult to eradicate these illegal practices that had mushroomed in Bali's tourism centers.

"People open their practices in restaurants, shops and even in buses carrying foreign tourists," he said.

According to Bank Indonesia's records, Bali has 127 licensed money changer companies with 600 branch offices, while 40 companies are awaiting their licenses. (03)