Wed, 15 Jan 2003

Bali bombing investigation

Reading Robert S. Finnegan's piece in The Jakarta Post, Jan. 3, 2003 (Bali Bombing: An Investigator's Analysis), I began to wonder, what is really happening? Have we been told the "doctored" truth by the police? Or are all these captures of so- called suspects just a big hoax, a cover-up?

Indeed, I was suspicious from the beginning -- all these captures and alleged admissions by the culprits -- they are disclosed by the police, never by the culprits themselves. Or, are our police much better than the FBI, Scotland Yard of Britain, etc. -- whom, up to now, have still not been able to pin down the real culprits of the WTC bombing of 9/11?

I do not know what grand designs the police have and are making. And who are behind these plans?

Naturally, the Bali bomb was far more powerful than anything available in Indonesia. And yet, the police pick up a mere rural mechanic whose expertise is confined to tinkering with motorbikes and radios.

The claim by B'aasyir and company that this is just a cover-up by foreign agents needs investigating. Or are our police under pressure from other foreign forces? The bad habit of the police in the old days -- in covering and making things up -- are still remembered by the public. I wonder if this still exists, or has been thrown away in this period of reformasi (reform).

No wonder Amrozi was all smiles, since he may not have been the one responsible, as guilty people always feel guilt!!!

The police owe it to us to bare all and tell the truth. Who have forced them to tell the biggest lie of all? Why single out Muslims?

By telling us the truth, people will trust you; but if you don't, people are no fools, they have suspicions and allegations against the police.

So bare it all. Tell us the truth, even if it is bitter. After all, the police claim to be the "protector of the people". Now, prove this to us. Thank you, Pak Bachtiar.

T. SARI, Jakarta