Sun, 05 Jan 2003

Bags remain a complimentary fashion accessory

Emmy Fitri, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

For women, bags have become a complimentary fashion accessory to achieve their best look. The style and trend of bags has also moved along with the fashion industry.

Noted fashion houses have always carefully designed the bags and even remade the once-hit style. Each house will highlight its character in the design which will give the benefit for their loyal consumers in choosing the distinctive styles from the houses. The diverse options will enable the women to pick the best that fit their needs and taste.

Paris-based Louis Vuitton fashion house and prominent Italian brand Gianni Versace presented their leather bag collections to conclude the year 2002 and to welcome 2003.

Besides its Christmas collection -- including the limited- edition America Cube bag (from the Louis Vuitton cup 2002-2003), Monogram Vernis Fluo (designed by talented stage designer Robert Wilson) and Monogram Ambre bag (from the Cruise 2002 collection) -- Louis Vuitton reinvents the Papillon (butterfly) bag with natural cowhide straps in the shape of a butterfly.

Inspired by a young lady walking down the Champs Elysees holding a city bag, Henry-Louis Vuitton had the idea of creating a new model of city bag which he called Papillon. The bag was a hit in 1966.

Created in monogram canvas, the city bag was created in the modern roundness, rolled and slender shape. It was accentuated with a natural calfskin handle and was produced in only two versions.

"What differentiates it from others? It is timeless but also modern, feminine and fun. It moves, it changes and is versatile on the arm, shoulder or in the hand," said Cicilia King of Louis Vuitton Indonesia.

The American Cube bag was said to be the clever concept that combined two different functions. It could be unfolded into an extra-flat bag that could be carried on a shoulder strap for short journeys or could be transformed into a cube-shaped bag ideal for any trip.

The American came in white with a shoulder strap emblazoned with the words "Louis Vuitton Cup" in neon orange.

Meanwhile, Versace presented leather bags for their Spring/Summer 2003 collection in predominantly pastel colors of purple, soft pink, yellow and turquoise.

The hand bags include Patch Satchel, Satchel, Rodeo, Rainbow Buckle, Patch Bow, Mesh Hobo, Woven Halfmoon, Lemon Peardrop, Croc Bucket, DV Odyssey Bag and DV Belt-bag (suede). They were all designed with short leather straps.

The masculine touches, typically Versace, included metal ornaments such as metal rings, cowboy belt buckles and steel spirals.

Some came in a single color like the Satchel in white, Lemon Peardrop in lemon yellow, Mesh Hobo also in white. Other types have color combinations to accentuate the shape and the contour.

As was shown in stunning designs in fashion and its accessories, Versace again brought an extraordinary concept of a handbag. It has moved from a conventional shape to a more creative outline like the Mesh Hobo, Woven Halfmoon, Lemon Peardrop had half circle shape.

The Spring/Summer handbag batch was definitely expected to go along with the latest shoes collection.

The footwear collection included Barbie Turquoise Sling, Barbi Purple Court, Barbi Yellow Sling, St Tropez (fuscia), Trocadero (knee boot) and Vegas (silver, anthracite and yellow).

The Barbi shoes appeared more feminine with the choice of colors as well as the details. The collection used woven leather which was tied at the end into a lanky ribbon. The Barbi came with three-color combinations.

Coming with less details, St Tropez looked more suitable for mature and elegant women while the knee-high-boot Trocadero collections would fit energetic and dynamic women because of their stylish (with minimal details) fabric of the boot and the color selections of silver, dark purple and light pink.

The newest collection would definitely replace the old ones but as guaranteed products, the items were still worth collecting. The world fashion history must have patented those collections as the refined branded accessories which wrapped up 2002 and kicked off the 2003.