Fri, 16 Sep 1994


Bad roads

From Jayakarta

I am of the opinion that the Bekasi Regent is not concerned about the way the Public Works department repairs the damaged roads. It seems that road repairs are not carried out perfectly. The proof of this is that most of the roads are in very bad condition. We can see many holes as deep as half a meter with some over a meter in diameter on the surface of the roads.

After they get repaired, they return to the previous condition within three months. The next repairs come a year later.

I think there is something wrong with the road repair work teams. They only spread a thin layer of hot asphalt before covering the road with sand and gravel. To harden the road surface they then press it with a road-roller.

Why doesn't the Regent make on the spot observations to assess the real condition of the road, and ensure that the road repairs are carried out properly.


Bekasi, West Java