Mon, 17 Oct 1994

Awareness of law promoted

JAKARTA (JP): The city administration will intensify its program on regulation awareness in a bid to increase the public's compliance to existing laws, an official said Saturday.

"We hope that the more intensive program will help reduce the number of violations by Jakartans," A.F. Lapian, deputy head of the City Security Office, said.

Lapian said that the intensive program is expected to eradicate ignorance among the public of regulations, including the requirement for building permits for new houses.

This program is also intended to make the public more aware about the government's development plans.

Lapian said that the administration expects the program to eliminate negative perceptions, such as the idea that the city administration has been burning down houses in a number of slum areas for the sake of business projects.

He said that the program will focus on public order. (yns)