Sat, 27 Sep 2003

Autistic children get new school

SEMARANG: A special school for autistic children has been opened at the Hasyim Asyhari Islamic kindergarten complex, Jl. Selo Mulyo Mukti Barat IX No. 9, in the Graha Mukti Utama residential complex, Pedurungan subdistrict, Semarang.

Nur Hasyim Asyhari, chairman of the school's board, said that the school had been built in response to the concern of members of the community, who had pointed out that there were a number of autistic children in the city but no schools were available to meet their special needs.

"This is a non-profit school. We hope that families with autistic children will send them here," he said.

Interested parents may call (024) 6703309, 6704109, or, by mobile, call 0812 29 02 518 or 0812 25 30 370 for further information. -- JP