Fri, 22 Sep 2000

Autistic children

I would like to give a brief response to the article "School built with the aim of helping autistic children" published in The Jakarta Post on Sept. 17, 2000 on page 7. The symptoms of autism can be described as follows: Qualitative shortcomings concerning social interaction. Qualitative shortcomings concerning verbal and nonverbal communication and imagination. Limited repertoire of activities and interests.

Besides that, there are, more often than not, motoric problems, sleeping problems, eating problems and so on.

The example of supernatural power needs correction : some children can tell you the exact day on which you were born, when you give them the date -- for instance, July 6, 1949, that was a Sunday. And that within a few seconds. As regards the statement "autistic children have normal sex lives", that must be changed to "normal sexual feelings".

Generally the sexual development of autistic children is often delayed and their interest in sexuality often remains childish and immature for a long time.

I think the corrections mentioned above will make the said article clearer.


Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara