Sat, 13 May 2000

Authorities to set up team to monitor parking operators

JAKARTA (JP): In an effort to enforce the new city ordinance on parking fees, the city administration will set up a second special team to monitor defiant private parking operators and close operations not in compliance an official said on Thursday.

"The special team is to ensure that city officials will be successful in sealing off the parking booths and machines at defiant private parking lots," Assistant to City Secretary on Administration affairs Ma'mun Amin told city councillors in a meeting.

"We're still monitoring those private parking lots that continue to charge higher fees than the ones set by the gubernatorial decree," he said.

The operators have allegedly violated Gubernatorial Decree No. 1698/1999, that sets the first hour parking fee at Rp 1,000 (13 U.S. cents) at busy areas and Rp 500 at less busy areas.

Ma'mun said the special team members would be taken from the City Parking Agency, City Public Order Office and City Economics Office.

Meanwhile, city councillors, during the meeting with city officials, voiced their support of all measures taken by the city administration to enforce parking regulations.

They even asked the administration to be more serious in handling the private parking issue. "Why did the City Parking Agency keep quiet although there is City Bylaw No.5/1999 on Parking and the gubernatorial decree on parking fees?

"Both regulations provide sufficient legal authority to the city administration," said councillor Saud Rahman of the United Development Party (PPP).

"Such attitudes have raised suspicions among residents that agency officials were playing around with the private parking operators.

"I hope the allegations aren't true, so do something," he added.

Saud said councillors would back the city administration in facing any lawsuits filed by businessmen grouped in the Communication Forum for Private Parking Operators (FKKPPS).

Members of the communication forum said on Tuesday that they would file a lawsuit with the Jakarta State Administrative Court (PTUN) if the administration continued with its plan to seal private parking lots that did not comply with the new rate structure.

Councillor Tjuk Sudono of the National Mandate Party (PAN) also expressed his support for the administration's plan, saying that the existing regulations were sufficient to insist on compliance by the private parking operators.

"All you have to do is enforce the regulations and we will back you," he told the city officials, while suggesting a gradual implementation of both regulations.

Besides having to charge lower fees, the private parking operators are also required to register their businesses and collect their licenses at the City Parking Agency before June 1 or face sanctions. There is no fee for the license.

Ma'mun said there were 25 private parking operators who had picked up the registration forms, but only nine have submitted the completed forms.

"I hope other operators will follow suit soon," he said. (nvn)