Mon, 06 Mar 2000

Audacity in parliament

The House of Representatives is entering a new phase. Not only has it become more persistent, it has also become more courageous and more candid. Now it has revealed the names of those it recommends for investigation by the Attorney General's Office -- public authorities suspected of involvement in the mismanagement of Bank Indonesia liquidity assistance funds (BLBI).

Now that their names have been disclosed, this newspaper would like to remind the House not to stop at making recommendations. It must not too easily become complaisant. A follow-up must ensue. Further control must be exerted to make sure that the Attorney General's Office does not bury or freeze the case -- as it has often done in the past.

Still, this is not enough. The case must end in court. It must be made certain that the judges are doing their job of enforcing the law properly. And after the sentence is pronounced, it must be ascertained that those who are convicted do not escape prison, or are allowed to continue to live a life free as birds. It is indeed not easy being honorable representatives of the people.

-- Media Indonesia, Jakarta