Sun, 03 Sep 2000

Art Agenda

Painting Exhibition The Image of Charming Bali by Romanus Susilo, at the Romano Gallery, Jl. Cinere Raya, Blok M - Kav. 4c, Depok (Phone: 7534885), through Sept. 9.

This exhibition marks the opening of the Romano Gallery in South Jakarta. The gallery is expected to satisfy art lovers and be an exhibitory arena for painters. It is also aimed at increasing the number of art lovers in this country.

The painter, Romanus Susilo Panca Indriyanto, has chosen the Balinese theme because of its great charm, variety of dances and everlasting tradition.

Born in Yogyakarta on Aug. 9, 1958, Romanus who started painting in 1987, held his last exhibition, together with other fellow painters, in the Kembang Gallery, South Jakarta last year. Talented Romanus is a self-made naturalistic painter.

Gedung Kesenian Jakarta International Festival 2000 (The Jakarta Playhouse's International Festival 2000) at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, Jl. Gedung Kesenian no. 1, Central Jakarta; Phone: 380.8283, 344.1892; 8 p.m., through Sept. 9

GKJ is presenting: puppet theater, jazz music, ensemble concert, traditional dance and opera in conjunction with its Annual International festival which began on Aug. 19.

Several countries, including Indonesia, will be participating in the festival.There will be a British puppet theater by puppeteer Stephen Mottram. The puppeteer who designed and created the marionette himself, will perform without narration. A show with music accompaniment by arrangers: Glyn Perrin, Simon Waters and Pete McPhail, will be held on Sept. 3 at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.; and Sept. 4 at 8 p.m.

Music will also be represented by Heinz von Hermann Jazz Ahead Quintet from Austria. The Jazz music group will perform on Sept. 5. The Japanese ensemble group, Tokyo Harp Ensemble, will give a concert on Sept. 6. Italian soprano singer Nunzia Santodirocco and pianist Guido Galterio will hold opera arias on Sept. 8. All the music performances will be staged at 8 p.m.

A 70-year-old Indonesian dancer, Rasinah, will deliver a traditional Cirebon dance peice, Topengon Sept.7 at 8 p.m..

The Balinese traditional opera group, Arja Bon, will perform during the festival's closing ceremony on Sept. 9. The group will play the story of Bandasura, a chief minister to a king.

Painting Exhibition by 18 lecturers of the Yogyakarta Arts Institute (ISI), Yogyakarta at Galeri Milenium, Golden Plaza complex, Blok B-23, Jl. R.S. Fatmawati No. 15, South Jakarta; Phone: 7507828, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., from Sept. 6 to Sept. 27.

This exhibition is expected to be a joint forum for 18 lecturers from the Indonesia Arts Institute and their students. This exhibition is to honor ISI's Art lecturers.

The lecturers are: A.B. Dwiantoro, Agus Kamal, Alex Luthfi R, Aming Prayitno, Amir Hamzah, B. Suparto, Edi Sunaryo, Effendi, H. Wardoyo, Herry Wibowo, Ign. Hening Swasono, M. Agus Burhan, Subroto SM, Suwaji, Titoes Libert, Wardoyo Sugiyanto, Wiyono, and Y. Eka Suprihadi. (Sri Ramadani)