Fri, 29 Sep 2000

Another man killed for black magic

BOGOR (JP): A sixty-year-old man was murdered by local people in Mekarwangi subdistrict, Cibinong district, Cianjur, on Wednesday after being accused of being a dukun santet (black magic practitioner).

A detective at Cibinong police subprecinct, who refused to be named, said that dozens of locals came to the victim's house at about 2 a.m. and dragged him from his bed into the front yard where they severely tortured him.

The detective said the victim, Jamasari, also known as a regular helper at a local mosque, suffered from horrible wounds after being mutilated by machetes, among other things, by the locals.

Jamasari's death brought the death toll of people killed by mobs after being accused of practicing black magic in the Bogor area to 12 so far this year.

"In Cibinong alone, there have already been five killings of people accused of being dukun santet," the police officer told The Jakarta Post, adding that the other seven deaths occurred in Sindangbarang and Pagelaran districts.

Police are still questioning several local Cibinong residents about the accusations they leveled at Jamasari. (21/jaw)