Fri, 19 Aug 1994

Angkot transport in Bandung

From Pikiran Rakyat

On the morning of Aug. 8, my 18-year daughter rode the popular Angkot public transport car from Karapitan to Merdeka road in Bandung. When she got out of the car, she had barely touched the ground when the Angkot sped away -- leaving her unconscious at the side of the road with wounds on her feet.

Paying the Angkot is a dilemma in itself. If you pay when you are already out of the vehicle, the driver is often angry because it takes too much of his time. But if you pay before you disembark the car, many drivers will force you to get out at whatever section of road he likes.

In conclusion, it is much safer to pay the Angkot after you disembark but always be alert to note the police number of the car in case it speeds away without giving you your change.