Fri, 15 Sep 2000

'Angkot' drivers in Bogor upset

BOGOR (JP): Dozens of angkot (public minivans) that usually operate from the busy Parung terminal here gathered at the Bogor Regency council on Thursday to request that authorities meet their promise to impose controls over street vendors at the terminal.

According to the disappointed drivers, officials from the Land Transportation Agency (DDLAJR) and the Market Operator PD Pasar Jaya have failed to fulfill their commitment to remove vendors from the terminal compound and nearby streets.

"The presence of such a large number of street traders at the terminal makes it difficult for us, the drivers, to get into the terminal so we have to wait for the passengers along the streets heading to the terminal," M. Yusuf, leader of the group, said.

The two parties, he said, initially promised to put things in order at the terminal but until Thursday, nothing had changed at the place, Yusuf said.

"We're really disappointed," he told the councillors.

Councillors Aries Suwirya and Suherman said they were shocked by the drivers' complaints since they believed the DLLAJR and Pasar Jaya officials had already cleared the crowded terminal of traders.

Watched by the angkot drivers, Aries spoke directly to top officials from DLLAJR and Pasar Jaya for further clarification.

"The two parties promise to put the Parung terminal in order in two or three days at the most," Aries said.

The drivers told the councillors that DLLAJR staff regularly collected Rp 200 (two U.S. cents) from the angkot drivers each time they passed through the terminal but never gave a receipt.

Angkot is the major means of transportation in Bogor. Their number has reached into the thousands which often results in heavy traffic congestion at several major streets in the town. (21/bsr)