Sat, 23 Aug 2003

Ancol to hold ride competition

JAKARTA: Fantasy World (Dufan) will stage the Highest Points in Rides competition for visitors from Aug. 23 to Aug. 30.

The event, which is being held to commemorate the 18th anniversary of the amusement park in Ancol, North Jakarta, will offer prizes which include a motorcycle, two flat screen televisions, DVD players and bicycles. reported that visitors who buy all access tickets will have a scoring chart to record their points during the competition.

The rides include the Arung Jeram (water rafting) for 1,000 points, Simulator Wings theater for 1,000 points, Kora-Kora boat ride for 500 points and the Halilintar roller coaster for 500 points.

The scorecards will be put into a box at the exit gates of the park.

The winners will be announced in mid September in Media Indonesia, Koran Tempo and Suara Pembaruan. -- JP