Thu, 14 Aug 2003

Amrozi's smile

I refer to the cartoon on page 7 of The Jakarta Post of Aug. 9. A feeling of unease enveloped me when I saw the cartoon depicting Amrozi smiling at the death sentence. It is true that he did smile when the verdict was announced by the judge in the Bali court.

As of now we do not know whether this smile will be with him when he actually faces the firing squad. A person with the highest level of mental elevation may possibly laugh at impending death or actual death. Such a person commands genuine regard of the society. Depicting Amrozi in that light is unwarranted. It has the potential of creating an undeserved halo around Amrozi that may inspire impressionable youth to follow in his footsteps unwittingly and advance the cause of hatred at the cost of more innocent lives.

I am a visitor from India to your country. A.K. MAJUMDAR Noida, India