Tue, 26 Aug 2003

Alleged jewelry raiders arrested

JAKARTA: Police confirmed on Monday that they had managed to smash a robbery gang involving an employee of SCTV television and five police officers.

"Yes, we have arrested them, but our investigations are still underway," said the head of the mobile detectives division of the Jakarta Police Detectives, Adj. Sr. Comr. Trihadi Sutono.

He declined to provide details of the arrest.

But police source revealed that the gang had robbed a car belonging to a Pakistani businessman carrying jewelry worth Rp 2 billion (US$238,000) two months ago near the Tanjung Priok toll gate in North Jakarta. The robbers reportedly sold the jewelry for Rp 600 million to a fence.

According to the police source, the robbery involved Kiky, 30, an employee of SCTV, and two junior police officers -- an adjutant commissioner and a first inspector. A police brigadier was also involved. -- JP