Thu, 04 May 2000

Alleged con artist nabbed in Yogyakarta

JAKARTA (JP): Central Jakarta Police detectives are awaiting the arrival of their counterparts from Yogyakarta who are expected to hand over a 55-year-old woman accused of having collected Rp 470 million by deceiving 12 people, including a Navy officer.

Second Officer Lt. Siswanto said on Wednesday that Intan Sri Maharani, 55, was apprehended last week by local police in Yogyakarta (Central Java) based on a tip-off from the colleagues of Navy officer First Lt. Yugiyono.

"Now we're waiting for the Yogyakarta officers to hand the woman over to us since she did committed the fraud here in our territory," said Siswanto.

He said he had no idea when the woman and the accompanying officers would arrive in the capital.

According to a report received by the police, Intan allegedly offered Timor sedans for sale to Yugiyono and 11 other people in Jakarta in July last year.

Intan told her victims that the sedans belonged to officials of the State Secretary and were offered for sale at Rp 39 million each, compared to the market price at the time of about Rp 60 million, the report said.

Interested in the offer, the 12 people gave the money to Intan, who promised to bring the cars to them within a month.

But Intan did not deliver the cars the following month, it said.

When they asked for their money back, Intan gave them blank checks and later allegedly ran away.

Yugiyono, who reported the fraud, then asked their fellow Navy officials to trace her whereabouts, until the police finally arrested Intan last week. (09)