Sun, 13 Aug 2000

AGRAKOM: Bringing your enterprise to e-business

So many traps litter the road to the successful use of the Internet in everyday business practices. And only a small proportion slip through the traps. This was the central message of Internet strategy expert David Siegel in his top-selling books Creating Killer Websites and Futurize Your Enterprise.

Agrakom, Indonesia's oldest professional Internet services company, fully understands the hazardous terrain. Extensive experience in developing websites as well as intranet and e- commerce applications since 1995 has enabled Agrakom to develop a comprehensive strategy to assist a company to exploit the many benefits of the Internet. The experience of building Detikcom ( from nothing into Indonesia's most-popular homegrown Internet site in itself has provided a wealth of knowledge.

The advantages of experience and expertise and worldwide reach

At the very beginning, Agrakom only made waves in web developing. Kompas Online, the Internet version of the Kompas daily newspaper, was our first client. Then Bisnis Indonesia, Infobank, Infokomputer and Bintang Indonesia came along. After this, Agrakom was entrusted with the development of websites for numerous corporations, among them PT Timah Tbk, PT United Tractors Tbk and the Ciputra Group, as well as their various subsidiaries. The work came not just from the domestic market but from international businesses as well. Several sites were developed for subsidiaries of Phillips in America, for example.

From its roots in web developing, Agrakom then progressed to intranet systems development, particularly focusing on work-flow systems. Intisari magazine was the first to utilize our services and, by simply using the browser created especially for them, Intisari was able to reap the benefits of a paperless office. Agrakom also took on the job of developing an intranet system for the World Bank's Indonesian operations.

Not to be left behind, Agrakom has also built up its proficiency in the fields of e-commerce. Agrakom's first client in this field was Call Indonesia, a division of the state-owned telecommunications enterprise Satelindo. Through their site, customers may pay for IDD calls and pay online by credit card. At present, Agrakom is also working on two other major projects involving online transactions: a virtual mall and online stock trading.

Building Detikcom

A central part of Agrakom's progression has been the development of the Detikom site from nothing into Indonesia's largest portal. The process was long and complicated. Involving a basic e-business strategy, the development of the organization, the website itself, the applications and infrastructure needed to handle huge amounts of data and thousands of customers, and the applications used by the editors and staff right through to effective marketing strategies.

An e-business enabler

With all this experience under our belt, Agrakom is now able to offer end-to-end solutions for other Internet or e-business enterprises as well. Starting with business strategy planning through to building a business online or problem solving for established business, our experience is geared to the success of our clients.

The faith of the business community in Agrakom's many capabilities can be seen from the steady stream of projects sent our way. While many involve e-commerce, Agrakom can also help integrate the "back end" of your business, the legacy of your old business routines, to the "front end" based on the Internet. These days, Agrakom is not just a web-developer but has become an e-business enabler in a broad sense. Agrakom Internet Services Director Nukman Luthfie said, "Agrakom is ready to take your business onto the Internet with all the capabilities you've come to expect."

Agrakom's approach

"User Experience" sums up our approach to building e- businesses or discovering solutions. "We help to build e- businesses for our clients based not just on what they would like to see appear, but what would be most best for the people ultimately utilizing their site," explained Nukman.

Naturally, human resources are the basis of Agrakom's strength and our web consultants possess excellent communication skills above and beyond a comprehensive understanding of the Internet and its related technologies. Agrakom's web consultants seek out and formulate the needs of the user before handing the project over to our web designers and programmers.

In addition, the final product benefits from our lineup of e- business strategy consultants, who have years of experience in business consultancy plus an understanding of strategies peculiar to the Internet. Their ability to integrate existing practices, the "back end", with the new business ethos based on the Internet, the "front end", is central to Agrakom's success.

With this tried-and-true model established, Agrakom is ready to transform your business into an e-business.


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