Sun, 25 Feb 2001


Light Ornaments art exhibition at Erasmus Huis, Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said kav. S-3, Kuningan-Jakarta 12950, from Feb. 28 through March 24, 2001.

The exhibition will display distinguished lamp designs known as Gispen lamps produced from around l920 as well as traditional and contemporary designs of several Dutch designers. Among the displayed items will be candles, oil and gas lamps.

The exhibition is presented by a well-known Dutch art expert.

Pergi dari Empat Persegi, Get Away from Rectangular Shapes, art exhibition featuring Edi Sunaryo, Nyoman Erawan, I Wayan Danu, Rahmat Subani Irfan at Galeri Santi, Jl. Benda No.4, Kemang, Cilandak Timur, South Jakarta, through March 4.

For decades, artists have tended to create fine-art pieces in rectangular forms, even in modern times.

As the history of drawing and painting shows, not all art work has to be framed in rectangular forms. Ancient Chinese paintings were created in the form of hanging scrolls. Japanese artists created their colorful arts on kites's surfaces.

The Egyptians made their famous art pieces on various kinds of media--on vases, walls and others.

Based on this, Indonesia's four artists Nyoman Erawan, Rahmat Subani Irfani, Edi Sunaryo and Wayan Danu are trying to follow suit.

Their arguments were clear -- to free themselves from the conventional frame of thinking.

In this exhibition, Nyoman Erawan presents the series of Tri Datu, a sort of installation art in the form of a tree, yet it is created in the form of a painting.

In another corner, artist Rahmat Subani tries to represent a world of reality through his works Citra dan Hakekat Dalam Bayangan Cermin.

Painter Edi Sunaryo displays his talent in abstract painting. He presents a lot of dimensional illusion in circular shapes such as in Holes Dimensions.

Wayan Danu has wild ideas and dreams. On his canvas, he explores almost everything. He blends "instalative" items and forms them in an impressive collage.

Puisi Bentuk Syahrizal, Syahrizal's Poetic Form, a sculpture exhibition by Syahrizal at Galeri Milenium, Komplek Pertokoan Golden Plaza (Golden Truly) Blok B 23, Jl. RS Fatmawati 15, Jakarta, until March 18.

Most sculptors in Indonesia are still looking for their own identities. They are still confused whether they have to continue their profession merely as an artist, a sculptor who, compared to painters, finds no strong foothold in the local art stage in terms of artistic and commercial endeavours.

Syahrizal is among Indonesia's brave sculptors who insist on staying in the sculpture world.

Born in Pariaman, West Sumatra in l960, this young sculptor Syahrizal Zain Koto graduated from the prestigious ISI Yogyakarta Arts Institute. His career rocketed when he gained an award in l990 from his school and some of his works decorated the Citra Raya Kota Nuansa Seni. (raw)