Mon, 03 Oct 1994

Actor to sue 'Citra' magazine

Film star Ratno Timoer, 52, is threatening to file defamation charges against Citra, a tabloid published by Jakarta-based Gramedia Group.

The 52-year-old actor late last week took the defamation claim to the City Police.

Informed sources said that police promised to process the report immediately so that the dossier of the case can be handed to the Jakarta Prosecutor's Office soon.

In its recent issue, the tabloid carried a report about Ratno's wife, Annie Suratno alias Tien Samantha, who is believed to have embezzled cash totaling millions of rupiah belonging to the cooperative of the Indonesian artists (Kobindo).

Besides identifying Annie's full name, the report also stated that Annie is the wife of Ratno Timoer.

"The tabloid has tarnished my image by linking me to the case which has nothing to do with me," Ratno said in the report to the police.

According to reliable sources, executives of Citra welcomed the challenge but hoped that the problem could be solved out of court. (bsr)