Mon, 11 Jun 2001

Aceh produces 25 judges

BANDA ACEH, Aceh: The continuing shortage of judges in strife- torn Aceh will be eased as 25 locals have passed tests to fill in judiciary posts in district courts across the territory.

Personnel officer at the provincial high court, Nurkhalis BS, told Antara on Saturday the qualifiers were shortlisted from 38 school of law fresh graduates who underwent tests in Jakarta recently.

Nurkhalis said the new judges, seven of whom are women, had been appointed as civil servants.

The new recruits will add to the current 22 serving judges, but Nurkhalis said they were far from meeting the ideal number of 126.

Aceh has 18 district courts, a high court and an administrative court.

Jakarta also plans to send judges to Aceh as security concerns had forced many judges to flee the violence-ridden province.