Sat, 13 Aug 1994

ABRI reshuffles chiefs of strategic commands

JAKARTA (JP): The Armed Forces (ABRI) yesterday announced a major reshuffle in some of its main commands, including the Army Strategic Reserves (Kostrad), the Army's Special Forces (Kopassus) and the military command in East Timor.

Maj. Gen. Tarub, currently chief of the Trikora Command, has been reassigned as Kostrad commandant to replace the retiring Maj. Gen. Kuntara, according to the Antara news agency quoting a statement from ABRI's Information Center.

Brig. Gen. Subagyo H.S., currently chief of the Army's Security and Code division, was named commandant of Kopassus, the Army's elite force, in place of Brig. Gen. Agum Gumelar.

Gumelar has been reassigned as chief of staff for the Bukit Barisan Military Command which oversees northern Sumatra.

Col. Johny Lumintang, the current chief of the Wira Dharma military regiment in East Timor, will be reassigned as commandant of Kostrad's First Infantry Division. The ABRI statement did not say who will fill the position in East Timor.

Altogether, 84 officers in ABRI's three services and the National Police were reassigned in the reshuffle ordered by ABRI Chief Gen. Feisal Tanjung in a letter dated Aug. 3, according to Antara. The reshuffle affects 27 officers in the Army, 29 in the Navy, seven in the Air Force and 21 in the National Police.

Other major changes include the following:

Maj. Gen. Pranowo, currently chief of the Bukit Barisan Military Command in northern Sumatra, has been promoted as assistant to the chief of ABRI's Social Political Affairs. His position will be filled by Brig. Gen. Arie J. Kumaat, currently deputy chief of ABRI's Intelligence Agency (BIA).

Maj. Gen. Syamsir Siregar has been appointed chief of BIA and assistant for intelligence affairs to ABRI's Chief of General Affairs, replacing Maj. Gen. Arie Sudewo.

Maj. Gen. Yunus Yosfiah, currently chief of Infantry Weaponry, has been named chief of the Sriwijaya Command which overseas southern Sumatra.

There are two major new appointments in the police force.

Brig. Gen. Harimas has been appointed chief of Central Java Police and Brig. Gen. Hartoyo as chief of Nusa Tenggara Police, whose jurisdiction includes Bali, Nusa Tenggara and East Timor. (emb)