Sun, 26 Mar 2000

A homeless commits suicide

JAKARTA (JP): A homeless man hanged himself at the Basuki Rahmat flyover in the Prumpung area of East Jakarta in the early hours of Saturday, a witness said.

The victim, identified as Tatang, 60, was often seen in the area, said Hamdani, a local vendor.

Hamdani said Tatang looked upset the past few days. "But I don't know why. Probably, he could not repay his debts."

Hamdani said Tatang hanged himself by tying together a rope, an advertising banner and his sarong. One end of this makeshift rope was tied to the fence running along the flyover.

The suicide caused a traffic jam along the usually busy street under the flyover. Police personnel were able to clear the traffic at about 7:30 a.m.

The East Jakarta Police are investigating the incident. (06)