Fri, 18 Jul 2003

86 people incarcerated after ID raids

JAKARTA: A total of 86 people were arrested and tried during a fresh round of ID card raids in the Kramat subdistrict, Senen district, Central Jakarta, on Thursday.

Most of them were tried on the spot and convicted for violating bylaw No. 1/1996 in lieu of bylaw No. 1/2001 on ID cards. They were fined for not having proper papers allowing them to be in Jakarta and had failed to report themselves to the subdistrict authorities.

Head of Central Jakarta population and civilian registration agency Setiobudiono told that most of the people were those living in boarding houses and working in small- scale garment factories.

"They have never reported their presence to the subdistrict office about their jobs or residences and that, of course, is a criminal offense, that's why we arrested them," he said.

There are 70 boarding houses and 25 garment factories in Kramat subdistrict. -- JP