Fri, 18 Mar 2011

From:The Jakarta Post

Over 4,700 bylaws issued in the past decade are considered “troubled” in that they threaten regional investment climates.

The Committee for the Supervision of Regional Autonomy Implementation (KPPOD) said 4,741 bylaws of more than 13,000 bylaws issued in the past decade that it had studied were problematic.

KPPOD manager for external relation, Robert Endi Jaweng, said in Jakarta on Thursday that 90 percent of the problems were centered on tax and retribution issues,.

He added that the bylaws were spread across 479 regencies and municipalities in Indonesia.

“The Finance Ministry and the Home Affairs Ministry cannot do much [to tackle the issue], because these bylaws are fully under the authority of the governors,” Robert said, as quoted by

He added that 14 percent of the troubled bylaws ruled on industry and trade licensing, while 10 percent were related to the management of energy and mineral resource industries.

“The problem usually lies with a legal drafting issue instead of the substances of the bylaws,” Robert said.