Sun, 03 Sep 2000

35 arrested for brawling

MAKASSAR, South Sulawesi (JP): Local police here arrested on Saturday 35 students from two schools of the Makassar State University for brawling.

Two students were seriously wounded in the brawl.

Police also seized five guns, eight iron-edged spears, two machetes, 50 Molotov cocktails, a jerrican of gasoline, two clubs studded with nails, four catapults and two bows believed to have been or intended to be used in the fierce brawl.

Makassar Police chief Sr. Supt. Aryanto Boedihardjo said the brawl between the students from the School of Engineering and the School of Art and Literature first started on Wednesday for no clear reason.

"It was broken up. The second fight erupted on Thursday and continued on Friday night until police pacified them and arrested 35 students," he said.

"They have committed a crime, so we arrested them and seized the evidence," said Aryanto, adding that the wounded students were from the School of Engineering. (27/09)