Wed, 23 Feb 2011

Tanjung, S Kalimantan (ANTARA News) - The regency administration of Tabalong, South Kalimantan, has projected a 5.5 percent economic growth in 2011 with a poverty rate decline of an average of 1 percent per year.

Head of the Tabalong development plan agency Kiswanul Arifin said the current economic growth rate reached only 51.6 percent with the mining and natural oil sectors highest on the list with a gross regional domestic product growth of 45 percent.

"This year we will increase the sectors of agriculture, trade and services by 5.5 percent, with the trade sector reaching the highest rate," Kiswanul said.

While the rate of life expectation had been projected at 64.73 up to 2014 with the education index 100 percent and the average schooling index reaching 15 years.

"So that by 2014 we hope our education index in Tabalong could reach 100 percent, with the life expectation index raised from 62.68 to 64.73," Kiswanul said.

In his briefing, head of the Tabalong financial and regional wealth management agency Drs Hidwar Ahmadi said the region`s income of 2011 had reached Rp44.3 billion, up compared to Rp34.9 billion in 2009.

"In 2012 the regional income of Tabalong had been projected to reach Rp50 billion with an expected profit sharing increase for coal mining of Rp454 billion," Hidwar said.

From royalty alone, PT Adaro with a production of 40 million tons per year, Hidwar said, had reached Rp185 billion, and in case of a production increase the royalty will also increase.

The 2011 profit sharing tax and non tax had reached Rp423 billion with a special allocation of Rp50 billion. (*)