Fri, 29 Dec 2000

2001, a year to define, consolidate

By Tishy Bruce

JAKARTA (JP): The months of November and December, 2000 and January, 2001 are months when the energy says: "Go Within". The end of a year is a time to consolidate. The number 12 denotes a conclusion of sorts: it is the number before 13 which has always related to a void -- a space in time before the next dimension or level.

These months also contain the number 1. The number 1 relates to creativity and confidence. It also denotes individuality. Take time during these months to reflect on what you have learned, what you have been, and whether you are pleased with yourself and your life.

The number 2 relates to cooperation and balance. However, this is the later part of the year -- in the Northern Hemisphere a time for reflection, for being quiet. In the Southern Hemisphere it is a time for assessing the creativity of yourself as an individual and, for many, a time to hone those creative talents into a more concrete form.

If you are of European origin, however, you may well find that you want to slow down but are influenced by the energy of the Southern Hemisphere which is more spring-like. Therefore, follow your inner guidance to recognize your own biological clock rather than waste energy trying to be, for example, very creative when all you really want to do is think.

This is a time to decide where you stand, and to take steps to change any situations that are not conducive to your inner integrity and balance.

It may well be a time when you ask questions like: "Am I doing the best I can for my community (whether that is the community of your family, or a broader idea of community)? Can I improve on my impact? Do I take responsibility for what I produce?"

This has practical value. If, for example, you are the manager of a bus company, have you yourself - personally - checked that your buses are road-worthy and do not pollute the atmosphere (thereby affecting the health of the community).

If your company produces food additives and colorants, are they safe? Perhaps in these months you might take the courageous stand to be the first company to serve 100 percent NATURAL products (thereby protecting our future and current population).

Am I sending my children to a school that has teachers who care, who are progressive and lateral thinkers (rather than passive thinkers)?

Further questions could be: Am I as good at loving as I can be? Do I love myself? Am I arrogant? What is love? What aspect of my work gives me pride and joy and, if it doesn't, why? Can I change my attitude about...? Am I being judgmental about ...? What is happiness? Do I believe that I am owed by society? Do I produce happiness, confidence and feelings of worth in myself and others? What are my fears? Who or what produced those fears? Are these fears truly valid? Am I afraid to define or expand on my definition of "good"? What tools can help me to stay balanced? Am I balanced? Do I cooperate with myself and others?

The number 0 -- of which there are a trinity in this year of 2000) relates to inner gifts and talents. Before this year is out, ask yourself: Have I recognized and am I using my unique talents and strengths?

The trinity of 0's means that this is the year to define and consolidate your Self to bring it into a creative force.

This is the time. Use it.