Fri, 14 Oct 1994

20 couples married off

Chief of the Islamic Marriage Office of the Kalideres district, H. Mat Ali Dja'ani, has married off 20 couples in the Tegalalur subdistrict in West Jakarta.

The collective weddings were held Wednesday as part of the commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the Women's Organization Movement.

H. Syamsudin, head of the city's religious affairs office, said that the brides and bridegrooms are now formally registered and have the rights and obligations of husbands and wives.

Most of the couples were originally wed without the consent of the Islamic Marriage Office and one of the couples already has four children.

Mrs. Sriyono, chairperson of the movement, said that the newlywed couples' wedding party will be held at the Grogol Sports Building today.

"Each couple was asked to wear traditional dress representing various provinces in the country during the wedding ceremony," she said. (hhr)