Sat, 13 Dec 2003

1.6m euro offered for NGOs

JAKARTA: The European Commission revealed on Friday that it had provided 1.6 million euros to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) wishing to carry out micro projects on democracy and human rights in Indonesia.

European Commission delegation head in Indonesia Sabato Della Monica said the projects were aimed at promoting human rights, democracy and conflict prevention.

He said any NGOs were invited to propose projects, which should focus on one of three themes: strengthening the rule of law and legal system, conflict prevention and resolution, and freedom of expression and independent media.

The projects should respect equal opportunity, gender and representation of minority, the commission said.

Each NGO will receive between 50,000 euro and 10,000 euro for each projects approved by the commission.

Applications will close on Feb. 16 next year. Further information can be found on the commission's website