Tue, 14 May 2002

15 years sought for BCA robber

JAKARTA: A prosecutor asked the Central Jakarta District Court on Monday to sentence a man to 15 years imprisonment for his role in a Rp 160 million robbery attempt that resulted in the death of a police officer and injuries to a bank customer.

Defendant Agung Wibowo, 30, along with Ari Wibowo, Rudi and Danu robbed Dani Sukanta on Oct. 25 last year, after the victim withdrew money from the Bank Central Asia (BCA) branch in Bungur, Central Jakarta, according to prosecutor Wahyu Utari.

Danu, who was assigned to observe bank clients who withdrew money at the bank, told his accomplices, who were waiting outside the building, that Dani Sukanta had taken out Rp 160 million.

Riding two motorcycles, they approached Dani as he left the bank. Rudi shot Dani in the leg while Ari got off the motorbike and took Dani's briefcase containing the money. However, Dani's colleague, who was waiting in the parking lot, saw the incident, and rammed his motorbike into the one ridden by Ari.

First. Adj. Insp. Slamet Riyanto and Chief Brig. Nisma Purba, who were guarding the bank, came to help, but Rudi shot Slamet to death. Ari was shot by Nisma, and the police recovered the money.

Ari died later but Rudi and Danu were able to flee and are currently at large. -- JP