Mon, 15 Mar 2010

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The government has determined 14 industry sectors to receive government-borne 2010 import duty (BMDTP) facilities with a budget ceiling of Rp1.53 trillion.

The facilities are channeled through five budget authorities.

The five authorities are the Directorate General of Agrochemical Industries (Rp152.79 billion); the Directorate General of Transportation Tools and Telematic Industries (Rp769.26 billion); the Directorate General of Metals, Machines, Textiles and Multifarious Industries (Rp281.894 billion); the Directorate General of Air Transportation (Rp312 billion) ; and the Head of The Food and Drug Monitoring Agency

Minister of Finance Sri said that the BMDTP incentive is being provided to support the development of the real sector and to help industries.

In the revised 2010 state budget, the government has allocate Rp2 trillion for this incentive.

But, because of the low realization of the same facility last year, the government has completed all rules and regulation for this year’s incentive.

“There is no reason for any delay in giving BMDTP facility,” said Sri Mulyani in Jakarta yesterday.

According to Sri Mulyani, industries that can receive BMDTP facility have to fulfill some requirements.

First, the goods and/or services are intended for the public good, be consumed by the public at large and at the same time protect consumers’ interests.

Second, to increase national industrial competitiveness, to increase the number of workers and to increase state revenues.

Besides that, there is the matter of raw material specification, which should be goods which are not yet produced in the country.

The Head of the Fiscal Policy Board Anggito Abimanyu said that they were still evaluating other sectors which will receive similar fiscal incentives.

Two of the recipients are the fishing and mining sectors.

“These will be completed in a month,” he said.