Fri, 30 Nov 2001

12 former generals to join PPP

SURABAYA: Twelve retired generals are to join the United Development Party (PPP) to strengthen the conflict-ridden Muslim based party, a senior party official has revealed.

M. Hafidz Ma'soem, chairman of the party's East Java chapter, said that the generals' admittance was discussed in a party plenary meeting in Jakarta on Nov. 14.

"The generals have offered to provide informal help to the party," he said on Tuesday.

Among the names that Ma'soem mentioned were Lt. Gen. (ret.) Yunus Yosfiah, a former field commander in East Timor and minister of information and Lt. Gen. (ret.) Andi M. Galib, a former attorney general.

Ma'soem said that all the generals would be formally admitted on Jan. 5, 2002 when the party celebrates its 33rd anniversary.

The party is hoping that the generals will help strengthen its human resources and improve discipline among party members.--JP