Sat, 12 Mar 2005

Yogya to launch kids' radio station

YOGYAKARTA: As part of its master plan to build a representative study center in the city by June this year, the municipal government of Yogyakarta has also scheduled for next month the launch of a radio station specially designed for children.

Built at the compound of Taman Pintar, as the center is to be named, on Jl. Sriwedani, the radio station will function as a laboratory for children to learn more about journalism.

"We are currently installing the transmitter. We hope to make it ready for broadcasting by the beginning of next month at the latest," Taman Pintar project team secretary Aman Yuriadi Jaya said.

The broadcast, according to Aman, will be on the AM 11.88 KHz frequency and the programs will be specially designed for children of elementary to senior high school age.

The launching of the radio station initially was scheduled for February. However, due to the time needed for preparation it was finally postponed to next month.

As part of the preparation, according to municipal public relations and information office head Wahyu Hidayat, the city administration has been conducting a series of workshops and seminars on broadcasting programs.

"The results of the workshops and seminars will be used as input when preparing programs that will best suit the needs of children as the target audience," Wahyu said. -- JP