Sun, 13 Mar 2005


TV violence increases children's aggression: Study Violent television and computer game images contribute to increased aggression in young children, according to a new assessment of six North American studies.

Kevin Browne and Catherine Hamilton-Giachritsis from the University of Birmingham found consistent evidence that young children who watched television and films and played video games showed more aggressive play and behavior.

The researchers said the effect was "small but significant", but also that it was likely to be short-term, according to an article in The Lancet, a British medical journal.

Teenagers were less affected, and environmental factors, such as family, could have a mitigating effect.

"Parents and caregivers might be recommended to exercise the same care with adult media entertainment as they do medication or chemicals around the home," Browne said.

He said exposing children to "extreme violent and sexual imagery might even be regarded as a form of emotional maltreatment", and urged an educational rather than a censorial approach. -- DPA